Upscale Hotel Discount Sites Let You Travel in Style

7 Jun
Thanks to Gilt Jetsetter, I stayed at The Keating, in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp district for only $130!

As previously mentioned, I’m really cheap. So cheap that my boyfriend thinks it’s hilarious (and fitting) to constantly refer to me as “el cheapo.” Whatever. Anyways, as “el cheapo” I obviously do not like to spend money, but I do like to travel. And I do not like cheap hotels. This used to put me in an uncomfortable predicament.

Thanks to classy hotel discount sites such as Gilt Jetsetter, Living Social Escapes, and Snique Away, my dreams of staying in 4 & 5 star hotels can come true. Some of the prices on these hotel discount sites are still pretty high, but there’s a whole lot that even stoop so low as to please my cheap self. 

I stayed at The Keating, as pictured above, in a room that I rented from hotel discount site, Gilt Jetsetter. It was a great experience, both from Gilt Jetsetter and The Keating. It was pretty swank too. So swank that I was watching a riveting episode of Khole & Lamar the other day and Rob Khardashian was filmed staying there for the night. If it’s good enough for a Khardashian, it’s good enough for me…


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