Etiquette Rules for Bus Riders

11 Jun

Bus riders are "special" people.

Riding the bus around the city you live in is not the same thing as taking a cruise around the Caribbean. Sure you’re in a moving vehicle driven by someone else, but that’s where the similarities end. Bus riders check their dignity and succumb themselves to public transportation for two reasons, 1.) they’re too cheap to park downtown or 2.) they don’t have a car. Take note, neither of those reasons involve getting a date or making new friends. If you’re a regular bus rider, like myself, take these helpful hints into consideration before the next time you ride the bus:

1.) Don’t stare at a woman’s toes and tell her she has beautiful feet

2.) Don’t question every person within earshot about where to get the best pork chops and gravy for dinner. I get it, you think pork chops are exciting, but well… no one cares.

3.) When on a very quiet bus, stay off the phone. Although your fellow bus riders agree that your drug addicted, jobless boyfriend, who was recently released from prison should give you a second chance, it’s 8am and you’re making us feel dirty.

4.) Yelling at the bus driver does not make you look tough, cool or edgy. Instead you just look like you forgot to take your meds (which you probably did).

5.) Do not approach strangers at your bus stop and tell them that you know where they work and where they live. That’s weird. And creepy.


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