How to Combat Unwanted Advances From the Opposite Sex

12 Jun

No one likes unwanted advances from the opposite sex.

Unwanted advances from the opposite sex are not flattering, they are annoying. Sometimes people just can't take a hint. You might walk away from the person while they're still leering at you, be blatantly wearing a wedding ring, or refuse return their last 10 voicemails/text messages/emails, but this person is ambitious. Nothing is going to get in their way of crossing the finish line and collecting the grand prize (a date with you).

Here's a few tips to get rid of unwanted advances from even the most persistent members of the opposite sex:

1.) Pretend to be your own evil twin.

2.) Touch your feet a lot.

3.) Tell them they look a lot like your ex and ask them if you can call them "insert ex's name here."

4.) Talk about your doll collection.

5.) Get a pregnant suit. Even better if you're a man.


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