Get Rid of Your ‘Case of the Mondays’

13 Jun

Looks like someones got a 'Case of the Mondays.'

No one likes Monday mornings. After relaxing and having fun all weekend everyone wakes up with the infamous ‘Case of the Mondays.’ Use these tips to get rid of this beginning of the week depression once and for all:

1.) Go to bed early on Sunday night. Monday mornings are even more ‘fun’ when you’re tired.

2.) Skip your home-brewed coffee and treat yourself to Starbucks.

3.) Put on an extra cute outfit that you’re excited to wear.

4.) After you catch up on your email, drop your friends a quick line to catch up. Tell them about your weekend and see what they were up to.

5.) Start making plans for next weekend. Planning ahead will give you something to look forward to all week.

6.) Go for a long walk at lunch.

7.) Allow yourself to have a nice, relaxing Monday evening.

8.) Go to the gym. A great Monday workout can inspire you to get to the gym more often during the rest of the week.

9.) Buy yourself a present.

10.) Dress your dog up in costume.

How can you NOT smile at this?


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