Tucker Max Books – Horribly Wrong, Yet Irresistibly Right

20 Jun

It is wrong to love the Tucker Max books as much as I do.

While browsing through Urban Outfitters recently, I saw a book that caught my eye, “Assholes Finish First.” I mean with a title like that how can it NOT catch your eye? I went home that night, googled the author – Tucker Max, and found that there are actually two Tucker Max books. “Assholes Finish First,” is a sequel to another book titled, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.” A normal person would stop right there, but whatever, I was far too intrigued at this point not to keep going. I immediately checked both of these books out from the library (not without an evil stare of judgement from the librarian) and embarked on my new literary adventure.

I read “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell First,” and was completed horrified, in awe, and intrigued by these outrageous Tucker Max stories. I immediately understand why the man needed to write a book. Tucker Max stories need to be shared, both for entertainment purposes, and as a general standard of how not to behave. For example, Tucker was smart enough to get a scholarship to Duke Law School, but dumb enough to get fired from his high-paid summer internship at a fancy law firm, because he was an immature, drunk a**hole.

As soon as I finished reading the first Tucker Max book, I started on the second one, “Assholes Finish First.” I thought the second was probably going to be lame, as it seemed impossible that the stories in the first book could ever be topped. But I was proven very wrong. Despite his moronic behavior, Tucker Max is brilliant. Combine genius powers with a complete disregard for how a normal human should behave, and you get Tucker Max stories, round #2. I won’t ruin the book for anyone who has yet to read it, but picture this, Tucker Max and a bunch of preppy white guys driving an RV around Harlem, terrorizing the streets for hours on end. Who does this you might ask? Tucker Max is the answer.

The best part about the Tucker Max books is his blatant honesty. He’s an a**hole, and he has no problem admitting it. He also seems to be pretty full of self-love, but hey, after reading the Tucker Max stories I think he’s earned it.

Watch out for another Tucker Max book to hit stores sometime in 2011.


One Response to “Tucker Max Books – Horribly Wrong, Yet Irresistibly Right”

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