Find a Cheap Wedding Dress at Your Favorite Clothing Stores

21 Jun

A smart bride buys a cheap wedding dress & laughs her way down the aisle.

Every bride wants to look like a million bucks on her wedding day, but not every bride actually has a million bucks to finance this dream. Budget brides everywhere can now get a gorgeous wedding dress without breaking the bank, thanks to some of the most popular women’s clothing stores such as The Limited, J Crew, and Ann Taylor. Many women already have closets stocked full of items from these stores, so why not add your wedding dress to the list as well?

Brides looking for a gorgeous, but cheap wedding dress can shop online at these stores to find the discount wedding gown of their dreams. Prices typically range from around $200 – $3,000 (I know, not cheap). The most inexpensive wedding dresses can usually be found at The Limited, followed by Ann Taylor, with J Crew wedding dresses as the most expensive. The best part about these prices are that they go on sale. That’s right, these cheap wedding dresses can get even cheaper if you watch for a store-wide sale! For example, The Limited pretty frequently has 40% off everything sales. This “everything” includes wedding dresses. You do the math, take an adorable $350 wedding dress, discount it by 40% and then you REALLY have a discount wedding gown.

A beautiful bride can look just as good in a discount wedding gown as an overpriced one.

For those brides with a Costco membership, pick up everything you need for your wedding at this store, including your wedding dress. That’s right, you can even buy a discount wedding gown at Costco. Check with your local store to see if it has a bridal section.

While you’re shopping for a cheap wedding dress, don’t forget about your bridesmaids. No matter how much they like you, no one in their right mind actually enjoys spending $200 for a floor-length, lime green ball gown. These ladies are your friends, your closest friends at that, so why torture your their bank accounts (and souls) like that? If you’re doing the matching bridesmaid dress thing, let them get in on the discount dress plan too, by choosing bridesmaid dresses from one of these stores. Who knows, you might end up with the first bridesmaid in history to actually want to wear her dress again.


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