Follow Proper Gym Etiquette When Working Out

22 Jun

As a frequent gym-goer, I’d like to think that I’ve developed a good sense of what constitutes proper gym etiquette throughout the years. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for many of my fellow fitness freaks. The gym is one of the places that I see the most foul, annoying behavior on a daily basis, which is actually somewhat impressive given that I also take the city bus to work each day.

If you're going to work out in public, you must follow proper gym etiquette.

How to Have Manners When Working Out At Your Gym:

1.) It is proper gym etiquette to wipe a cardio machine, or a mat, off when you’re done with it. No one else wants to bathe in your sweat.

2.) Show some respect in the free weights area. I’m may be lifting 5lb weights, but that doesn’t mean it’s cool for you to shimmy yourself in between the mirror and I. At least I choose weights that I can actually lift, which brings me to…

3.) Don’t drop weights. I don’t want to feel the floor of a building shake unless I’m in the middle of an earthquake in California. If you’re choosing weights that are so heavy you can’t bare to gently place them down, clearly you cannot handle lifting that much. So don’t.

4.) Be smart about who you try to chat up. Many people do go to the gym in hopes of getting a date. While there’s nothing at all wrong with this, you need to identify who wants to talk to you, and who wishes you’d drop a weight on your foot and shut up. Women prancing around with a full face of make up, perfectly done hair, wearing full body spandex or a matching sweat suit want to talk to you. You can find them walking on the treadmill or oddly lurking around the weights section. On the other hand, you can find me covered in sweat, wearing my 8th grade gym shorts & an old t-shirt from my college roommate (sexy, I know). Hence, I do not want to talk to you.

5.) Some people naturally stink. While this is unfortunate, you know if you’re one of these people. If you smell bad before you even get to the gym, you are a public nuisance. Do everyone a favor and take a shower before you work out, so the gym doesn’t need to be evacuated.

6.) Don’t remind people that there’s a time limits on the cardio machines, if you’re waiting for one. That’s just weird, and if you feel tempted to do this, you are a weird person.

7.) Don’t walk around the locker room naked. No one wants to see that. If I wanted a peep-show, I’d pay for one from a professional.

8.) Spitting on the floor is disgusting. If you do it, you should have to lick up it. Pig.


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