The Furry Convention Invades Pittsburgh

23 Jun

This guy wants to party.

Today marks the start of the most magical time of the year for us Pittsburghers – the beginning of the annual Anthrocon furry convention. For anyone not familiar with furry fandom (if you don’t work in downtown Pittsburgh you should not be familiar with this), the furry convention is an annual gathering of individuals who get together and dress up like animals for 4 days. Followers of furry fandom from all over the world descend upon the city, put on their animal costumes, attend workshops about being an animal, and pet each other, a lot.

Squeak, squeak! This foxy fellow brought his own dog toys.

It’s been rumored that many of those attending the furry convention bring dog cages to their hotel rooms to sleep in, because really who needs a plush bed at the Westin, when you can lock yourself up in a dog cage? Many followers of furry fandom also supposedly bring litter boxes to their rooms, because walking around in an animal costume isn’t weird enough for them, so they need to take it up a notch. Rumor has it a request for a litter box in the hotel lobby was denied by management a few years back.  How rude.

Getting foxy at the furry convention.

This is the greatest people-watching time of the year for those of us who work in downtown Pittsburgh. I mean really, what can be more awesome than watching a bunch of grown ass people wandering around the city with cat ears on their heads, bushy tails sticking out of their pants, and even full on head-to-toe animal costumes on? Nothing, if you ask me.


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