Where To Get a Great Facial Treatment in Pittsburgh

25 Jun

I’m cheap, but I’m also vain, which sometimes poses a conflict of interest for me. Do I spend a little money on something that will make me look better or do I opt to hoard my money instead?  Hmm decisions, decisions. One day I saw a Groupon for a $25 facial treatment at Izzazu Salon downtown. Knowing this is a good price, for a such a service at a snazzy salon, I snapped it up. Little did I realize that it would only take one facial treatment to form a pricey new addiction.

Get vain. Get a facial treatment.


I don’t waste time. After snatching the Izzazu Groupon, it took me no longer than 48 hours to get my facial treatment booked. I nervously arrived at Izzazu ont the big day and was greeted by a lovely woman named Anna, who would by esthetician. She led me down a dark hallway (more exciting, less creepy) to my treatment room. Then began the amazing facial treatment. Anna rubbed lotion all over my face (many times), put lots of steamy hot rags on me. It was bliss. Then when I thought it could get any better, she rubbed lotion on my hands and feet and stuffed them in something I imaged to look like oven mits. I marinated for a few minutes, and then she took them off to reveal my soft as a baby’s arse skin. When the whole procedure was over my skin had an angelic glow to it and in the words of Anna I “had the skin of a 15 year old.” How can you not love that?!

Massage Envy – Squirrel Hill

After I got the best facial at Izzazu, I intended to return, but my cheapness took over. I began searching for another deal, because paying full price is against my religion. In my research, I found that Massage Envy location in Squirrel Hill now offers facials. I’ve been curious about this place for awhile, so as soon as I saw the $50 facial treatment price tag, I was in. I was hesitant at first, because I’d read reviews that these Massage Envy locations can be giant sales pitch, in a building that resembles a doctor’s office.

Well, well I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived. The front desk staff was super friendly, the office was comfy, and the sales pitch really wasn’t that pushy. I was introduced to my esthetician, Alicia, and we went back to my facial treatment room. Massage Envy offers four different types of facials, so Alicia checked my skin out, chose the right one for me and then the fun began. Some kind of machine blew heat on my face, lots of lotion was rubbed on, and there were many different sets of hot towels steaming my pores open. As an added bonus, she also lubed my hands up, and gave me a hand massage. And then my favorite part happened – the neck and shoulder massage. What a lovely surprise! After the facial treatment was over, my skin once again was super soft, with a beautiful, radiant glow. Total win.

Who Gave the Best Facial?

I would highly recommend both Izzazu and Massage Envy to anyone for a facial treatment. I will probably go back to both. Go to Izzazu if you’re looking for a little bit of a snazzier experience, as it is a bit more swank. With that said, Massage Envy is pretty great too, especially for those of you on a budget. Although after your first $50 facial treatment, they cost $75 each, unless you join their membership plan, which actually isn’t a bad deal. You pay $40 per month to get one massage per month, and if you want to substitute it for a facial instead, you just pay an extra $10.


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