Healthy Eating Tips for 4th of July Weekend

2 Jul

The Jerp wants YOU to stay away from fried food & mayonnaise this holiday weekend.

Eating healthy might be a little difficult on holiday weekends, but it is certainly not impossible. Use these healthy eating tips to avoid having to wearing pants with an elastic waist to work on Tuesday.

1.)    Bring Healthy Food to The Party. Use sites such as Gina’s Skinny Recipes or Eat Better America to find July 4th recipes that won’t go straight to your arse and leave you with a food hangover the next day. If you’re not into spending quality time in your kitchen, pick up a veggie or fruit tray at your grocery store. Make sure to steer clear of any dips or sauces in included, as most of these will quickly turn your healthy snack into a fat bomb.

2.)    Snack Ahead of Time. Don’t walk into a July 4th barbeque starving. Bad idea. Although you may think you’re doing good by storing up calories for the party, you are actually inviting yourself to a bingefest. If you’re super hungry, you will house everything in sight as soon as you walk in the door. Instead of picking and choosing among your favorite fatty foods, and really taking the time to enjoy them, you’ll be too busy shoving them in your face to even know what you’re eating.

3.)    Stay Out of the Kitchen. Visit the designated food area to load up your plate, then get away from it! It’s okay to go back for more, but there’s no way you’ll oink it up as much if you actually have to get up and walk to the food, instead of merely extending your hand to the buffet table.

4.)    Drinking. It’s July 4th weekend and you’re in the mood to party. You may want to imbibe a bit. This is not a problem. It only becomes a problem if you have many, many adult beverages. It’s no secret, alcohol has calories. And the better a fruity drink tastes, the more likely it is to be loaded with calories. The more you drink, the lower your inhibitions get, causing you to eat like a hog and behave like a moron. Stick with light beer, clear alcohol, and champagne for the lowest calorie counts.

5.)    Leftovers. When a lot of people bring a lot of food to a party, there tends to be a smorgasboard of leftovers. If the party host has any sense, she typically does her best to push leftover food off on any fat idiot who will allow it. Don’t be that fat idiot. Not really eating healthy for one day is acceptable, continuing this journey into the next day is not. Politely decline any offers to fill a to-go container your great aunt’s famous mayonnaise salad or your cousin’s amazing double chocolate brownies.


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