Pittsburgh Fashion – The #3 Biggest Fashion Disaster in the Country

19 Jul

It’s official Pittsburgh, according to GQ magazine, we are the #3 worst fashion disaster in the country. The only cities that ranked worse than
us were Boston and Los Angeles. Even our favorite places such as Cleveland, Philadelphia, and the freaking JERSEY SHORE received higher ratings than us. Yowza.

I can’t say that I disagree with the writer’s main point though — Steeler’s jerseys are not an acceptable form of daily attire. You’d never know this by walking the streets of anywhere within a 50 mile radius of this city though. Yinzers wear Steelers jerseys to work, to the store, out to the bars, and to every other public establishment on a year-round basis. It’s easy to forget this living in Pittsburgh, but normal cities wear their team’s football jerseys on game day, or maybe even game weekend, but not to like their weddings.

Come on guys, you've got more than a fashion disaster on your hands if you think wearing this guy's jersey on a date is a good idea.

Men of Pittsburgh — you are a nationally ranked fashion disaster. Step it up. It is not okay to pick a lady up for a date wearing a Steeler’s jersey, unless you are taking her to watch a Steeler’s game. If your date does not involve watching the Steelers in a football game, put on a real shirt.

Same goes for you ladies. Have some shame. Do you really want to go out on a date wearing an article of clothing that the guy probably has in his own closet? Ya, that’s real hot. Leave that Steeler’s jersey at home, unless you’re actually going out to watch the game.

Wear a Steeler's jersey to a football game, during football season, not to work on a Wednesday in July.


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