Corporate Speak – Avoid These Words Or You’ll Sound Like an Office Monkey

21 Jul

There’s a reason that office life is often described as a “corporate culture” – as soon as people arrive in the office they’re in a whole different world. Office people are an entirely different breed (and I can say this because I’m one of them), complete with their own language. Just as you must learn a new language when moving to a new country, you must learn to interpret corporate jargon when working in an office.

Why do people speak corporate jargon, you might ask? says people use these ridiculous terms to sound smart. Well, I hate to break it to you, oh lovers of corporate jargon, but you sound moronic. Corporate speak is lame, so make a pact to never “drink the kool-aid” and start speaking corporate jargon as your native language.

I may have an office lady sweater and a shoe drawer, but I do not speak corporate jargon.

Here’s a like of some of my personal favorite corporate jargon:

  • action item
  • bang for the buck
  • best practices
  • boilerplate
  • change management
  • circle back
  • do the needful
  • drink the kool-aid
  • face time
  • flight risk
  • game changer
  • game plan
  • hardball
  • keep you in the loop
  • low-ball
  • on your plate
  • out of pocket
  • throw a curve
  • throw under the bus

If you find yourself speaking in corporate jargon, STOP! Don’t let yourself turn into an office monkey. Take a deep breath, think of a normal word, then substitute it for the ridiculous corporate jargon you were about to bust out with.

Want more corporate speak? Find it at


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