Home Alone House For Sale

22 Jul

The Home Alone House.

You’ve all seen the movie Home Alone and oohed and awed over the gorgeous residence of the McAlister family. Diehard fans looking to make this dream home theirs now have a chance, because the Home Alone house is for sale! Located in the small-town Chicago suburb of Winnetka, this famous home can be yours for a mere $2.4 million dollars. As an added bonus, when your children misbehave you can make them sleep in the third floor bedroom dreaded by Kevin McAlister, you already know not to trust any ‘neighborhood cops’ stopping in to provide extra neighborhood protection in the area, and every Christmas day you can gather the family around the television and watch a young Macaulay Culkin defend the honor of your home.

If you don’t want to live in the actual Home Alone house, but rather a similar, more modern version in your own hometown, this is now possible. Check out this link on the Apartment Therapy site, about a design firm who is offering to build clients their own version of the famous Home Alone house.



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