SEO Copywriting to Not Sound Like a Robot

26 Jul

Write SEO copy that reads well and and ranks high.

It’s no secret that using SEO keywords in your content helps to boost your search engine rankings. Anyone can randomly stick keywords into copy, but not everyone can properly work those keywords into the content and make it sound good. When good SEO copywriting is accomplished, your  readers shouldn’t even be able to tell that they’re looking at optimized copy. If your readers can pick out your keyword phrases, you didn’t do a good job optimizing your copy. Treat your readers like people, not robots when writing for SEO. Copywriting should be done in a way that makes people feel like you’re speaking directly to them. Your readers will lose interest if they can’t relate to the content on your site.

This also means that you need to use caution with the number of keywords that you add to your copy. Even if you’re lucky enough to have keywords that are easy to fit into your content, you don’t want to overuse them. For example, the keyword phrase “Donnie Wahlberg’s abs” fits seamlessly into most sentences on this blog. Regardless, you’re all going to catch on that “Donnie Wahlberg’s abs” is my keyword phrase if I use it in every sentence. When it comes to SEO copywriting, there actually can be too much of a good thing. Work your keywords into your page title and headers, and then 2-3 times in your copy. Then stop.

For a more detailed explanation of proper SEO copywriting, check out Karon Thackston’s article, “SEO Copy Doesn’t Have to Sound Like ‘That.’


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