Discount Clothing Stores Decoded

1 Aug

TJ Maxx promises that they're "never the same place twice."

TJ Maxx

Get designer clothes for less at TJ Maxx. This discount clothing store is the one that I credit for teaching me to be the ravenous deal hunter that I am. I worked at a TJ Maxx throughout high school and college, and learned that full price should never be paid for anything. I crown this discount clothing store as the all-around best. The clothing is so cute, and it’s always in pristine condition. There’s so many famous designer labels and name brand store products in every TJ Maxx all the time. The store also has a fabulous selection of shoes, jewelery (real jewelery counter, not hung on a rack), handbags, small furniture, household items, and much more.


The differences between Marshalls and TJ Maxx are minute. They’re owned by the same company (MarMaxx), often carry the same merchandise, and are frequently found in the same shopping centers. I’m actually not sure why they don’t just merge into one big discount clothing store wonderland. The only two major differences are that Marshalls has a more extensive shoe selection that TJ Maxx, and that Marshalls stores are not as updated as most TJ Maxx stores. Besides that you tell me the difference, because I have no clue.

My neighborhood has recently been blessed with a Ross.


Ross is a fabulous discount clothing store that has just begun to infiltrate into my area, but is HUGE in other parts of the country. Ross seems to sell designer clothes for less than Marshalls and TJ Maxx, but the selection isn’t as good, except for the dresses. Ross’s dress selection is nothing short of amazing. They’re designer, they’re cheap, and they are so so cute! Ross even has the rare talent of having a great clearance dress selection, whereas the clearance sections at Marshalls and TJ Maxx are just downright hideous, for the most part. Ross also has amazing prices on small furniture items, such as ottomans.

Gabriel Brothers (Gabe’s)

Gabe’s is an experience, and you must have the right kind of personality to enjoy this experience. Thankfully for me, I have this kind of personality. Gabe’s is more of a fashion obstacle course than a discount clothing store. The stores themselves are huge, they usually have a strange odor, and you really have to look to find the fashion gems. Then, when you do strike gold and find something you like, you need to give it a thorough examination to ensure that it is not ripped, stained, doesn’t have a broken zipper, or isn’t dismembered in any way. All of this hard work is totally worth it though, when you find a great pair of name brand jeans for $7! Gabe’s definitely has the best prices of any of the other discount stores. The store definitely has some strange items, but for every pair of orange overalls you find, you’ll also find a ton of mint condition apparel from stores such as Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft, The Limited, and J Crew.


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