Working for Big Companies vs. Small Businesses

2 Aug

Different work environments work for different people. Some people love the culture of working for small businesses, while others are only interested in offering their employment to big companies. It can be difficult to determine which type of atmosphere best suites your style until you’ve experienced both. Read on for some of the advantages and disadvantages of working for small businesses vs. big companies.

Some employees believe the bigger the company, the better.

Advantages of Working For Small Businesses:

  • No corporate politics
  • Direct access to the people in power
  • Employees can get things done faster, because there are less channels to work through
  • Employees feel like you have more of a direct effect on the business
  • Close relationships with co-workers
  • More laid-back, relaxed atmosphere

Disadvantages of Working For Small Businesses:

  • Lack of job security
  • Not much room for upward movement
  • Employees have to respond directly to the person in charge of the company, which can result in a lot of pressure and long hours
  • Boundaries between work life and personal life can often be crossed when very few employees work in close quarters

Advantages of Working for Big Companies:

  • Relatively stable job security
  • Potential to move up the corporate ladder
  • Corporate perks (good health insurance, 401k matching, tuition assistance, etc.)
  • Training opportunities
  • More formal, professional atmosphere

Disadvantages of Working for Big Companies:

  • Lack of contact with executives can leave employees feeling disconnected from the company
  • Can be difficult for employees to see their individual impact on the company
  • Employees often feel like ‘just a number’ in a corporate sea


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