Office Fashion – The Five Biggest Disasters That People Wear to Work

3 Aug

I consider riding the bus to work in downtown Pittsburgh everyday to be a ‘cultural learning experience.’ I see a lot of strangeness each day, but something that never ceases to amaze me is the completely ridiculous outfits that people wear to work. I often wonder if these people don’t have mirrors at home, because sometimes that’s the only logical explanation for believing that is an acceptable choice to wear in public, much less to your job.

Don't make a dunce out of yourself as the office fashion disaster.

1.)    Wearing Your ID Badge Around Your Neck:  You are a person, not a dog. If you wander away from your office building, are you hoping that someone will read your ID tags and call your boss to come fetch you? If not, remove the ID from your neck and clip it somewhere normal, such as a pants pocket.

2.)    Briefcase on Wheels:  Everyone remembers the one kid in high school who rolled his book bag around the halls on wheels. You remember this kid, because this was really weird. I hate to break it to you, but now that you’re an adult, it’s not one bit more acceptable. Remove the training wheels from your bag, and hoist it up on your shoulder like a normal person.

3.)    Tennis Shoes & Work Attire: This combination is nauseating. Yes, we understand that you may have to do a little walking to get from your car, bus, or train into your office. This can be torturous if you’re wearing the wrong shoes, but what makes you believe that tennis shoes are the right shoes? There’s plenty of alternatives out there such as sandals, boots and flats, that will keep your walk pleasant and fashion friendly.

4.)   Refusing to Update Your ‘Work Wardrobe’:  Yes, we know that for most of us work is not a fashion show, a concept that is made
even more evident by the way that some of our co-workers dress. If you’re still wearing the same bright yellow suit that you bought in 1990, I’m talking to you. Perhaps brightly colored neon suits were in style 20 years ago, but right now you just look like a banana.

5.)   Looking Like a Slob: Like it or not, people judge you by how you present yourself. If you roll into work everyday unshowered and smelling like you slept in a dumpster, no one is going to respect you, much less want to sit near you. Leave the wrinkled jeans and a t-shirt at home — you’re free to look like slobzilla on your own time. Instead, take a shower, put on your office pants go to work looking like a functional adult.



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