Direct Sales Companies For Women

4 Aug

This is a party game. Guessing how many Partylite candles Martha owns that smell like pie is not.

There are two types of women in this world, those who enjoy attending parties for womanly direct sales companies such as Miche Bag, Cookie Lee, Party Lite, Mary Kay, and so on, and those who do not. Anyone who has ever met me knows that I fall into the latter category.

To any of my friends and family that host these direct sales parties, please don’t take this personally, but I would rather drink superglue and lite myself on fire than attend your next Partylite ‘bash’. I understand that some people do genuinely enjoy these things, and that’s fine, but they just don’t do it for me.

Direct sales parties all follow the same general format, just with a different set of products. You have to come up with a few obligatory nice things to say about the products that the sales rep has brought  to put on display, even if you know that Walmart sells its twin. Then you hear a speech about the company or watch a product demonstration. Finally a catalog is thrust your way, and you then feel obligated to buy something, even
though you have no need or desire for anything in it.

If you’re me, you eventually breathe a sigh of relief because you’ve found some stupid product to buy for less than $20. But wait, the ‘fun’ is not yet over. The sales representative sees that you’ve basically contributed nothing to their bottom line, and they’re not going to give up that easily. After they try to shamelessly guilt you into buying more, and of course hosting a rager like this of your own, they finally admit defeat (a true cheap
a*s never backs down), but not before forcing you to take their cell phone number, home number, pager number, and email address, just in case you decide that your life cannot go on without that candle that’s supposed to smell like a freaking apple pie.

Moral of the story, if you’re a fan of hosting these direct sales parties, only do so if you know for sure that you’ve got a supportive and willing audience. For example, if people ask when you’re going to host your next Cookie Lee party, because they want some of whatever it is that Cookie Lee sells, this is someone who actually wants to go to your party. However, if you guilt your less-than-enthusiastic friends into coming out, you’re begging for some angry customers.

Read this hilarious rant from another blogger who is fed up from having to attend these sales parties.


2 Responses to “Direct Sales Companies For Women”

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