Money Can’t Buy Kelly Osbourne Class

8 Aug

Kelly Osbourne has proved that she’s no classier than her father, who spent his career drugged up and biting the heads off bats. During a guest appearance on The Tonight Show last week, she dissed Kate Middleton’s budget- friendly fashion choices. Apparently, Osbourne doesn’t approve of Kate Middleton wearing the same dress twice. And yes, you did read that right.

Normal human beings applaud Kate Middleton for her amazing fashion sense and for the fact that just like any other person, she wears her clothes more than once.  I mean come on, if you have a wardrobe like hers, who wouldn’t want to wear those clothes again?! Besides, don’t most people avoid buying clothes that they can only wear once? Yes, Kate Middleton is royalty, but she’s also relatable, and that’s why people love her so much.

Osbourne is probably just jealous of the future Queen’s effortless beauty, amazing style, and popularity with the public — none of which she herself has. Only an overprivledged weirdo would ever insult someone for wearing the same outfit twice. As Real Housewive’s of New York’s Luann de Lesseps says “money can’t buy you class,” Kelly Osbourne.

Kate Middleton’s outfits are fabulous just the way they are. A great piece of clothing doesn’t expire after wearing it once. Any true fashionista can find different ways to wear an item over and over again, creating a new look each time, without breaking the bank.

For further reading on this issue, check out the Huffington Post article “Kelly Osbourne Slams Kate Middleton.”


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