Getting a Date — Ways to Meet People You Might Actually Like

19 Aug
If you’re single and looking to mingle, there are many places to meet people right under your nose. If you come in contact with tons of people on a daily basis, use this to your advantage. Or even if you don’t, it’s time to strap on one of Cupid’s arrows and get to work.

Sometimes Cupid needs a good, hard shove in the right direction.

You can meet singles at:

Professional Organizations:  ‘Network’ your way into a date. Whether you join an alumni association from your alma mater, one that focuses specifically on the industry that you work in, or a young professional’s organization, you’re bound to be invited to countless networking events. Get to know other professionals that you have something in common with, and you never know where (or to whom) it might lead you.

Adult Sports Leagues:
More and more cities are starting intramural sports leagues for adults. The sports offered vary by city but typically include activities such as soccer, softball, kickball, dodge ball, bowling, darts, corn hole, and so on. This is a great way to both get some exercise and to meet people. So gather up your friends (or just join a team solo) and get in the game, literally.

Public Transportation: Ditch your car and hop on the bus or train to get to work. Besides helping to save the earth, you might also be able to lend a hand to your dating life. Imagine how many bachelors and bachelorettes work in your city — thousands! There’s no way all of these people are driving into work. When you take public transportation, you never know who you might meet, but when you drive, you’re committing yourself to a solo ride.

Online: The stigma of going online to meet singles is a thing of the past, now everyone does it. Take a cruise through, and you never know who you might meet. Maybe you’ll find that pretty lady that works in the building next to yours, or that raging stud that you always see at the gym. Your perfect mate might be just a click away, so get on that!

Volunteering: Find a cause or even just an event that interests you and volunteer to help out with it. If you like animals, walk dogs at your local animal shelter, or if you like to plan events, get on a committee for an event gala. Not only will you feel great about getting involved in your community, you’re also going to get to meet people that you probably never would’ve otherwise. And of course you never know just who you might meet…

The Gym: The gym can be a great place to meet people, plus you’ll have the added bonus of knowing that they’re in shape! Use caution when approaching someone at the gym, as you don’t want to be an annoying gym creeper. Ladies looking for love at the gym will be dressed nice. They’ll have makeup on, and will probably not be doing anything that will make them sweat. Men on the prowl will not leave the weight section, and will probably be wearing some sort of cut off shirt to showcase their muscles.

Bars: Although this one may seem like a no-brainer, it’s commonly gets a bad rap as a way to meet singles that doesn’t really work. Instead of heading to college bars at midnight, take a different approach if you’re really trying to meet someone special, to actually date. Go out for happy hour, when a many professionals head to the bar with friends or co-workers for an after-work drink. Don’t get a table, as you’ll be isolating yourself from the rest of the bar. On the weekends, head to the classier parts of town. Remember, if you’re basing your choice of bar on cheap drink specials, you’re probably also going to find a cheap date. You don’t want that.


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