Check out the Tina Fey Book – Bossypants

24 Aug

If you still haven’t read the Tina Fey book — Bossypants, get yourself to your local bookstore immediately. The book is absolutely hilarious, and really well-written. This is a big thing for me, as I’ve become hesitant to ready books written by celebrities, with the exception of Chelsea Handler, because they’re all complete garbage. Tina Fey has now proven that she can not only pull off an amazing Sarah Palin impersonation, but she can also write a completely fantastic book.

Before reading the book, I didn’t know much about Tina Fey. Bossypants is a comical account of her awkwardness as a child and a young adult, and how she embraced this to become the wildly successful woman that she is today. Fey’s stories are not only incredibly amusing, but also completely relatable. Her self-mocking way of telling less-than-flattering tales about her own life makes it impossible not to like her.

This Tina Fey book also demonstrates that hard work really does pays off. Fey tells stories of how she worked her way up from a full-time Chicago YMCA employee, to a Saturday Night Live legend, to writing and starring in 30 Rock, her brainchild of a sitcom. Her accounts of this process include lots of long days, and long nights, but doing a job that she totally and completely loves. And being hilarious at it.

Hopefully this is just the first to come in books written by Tina Fey. Bossypants was such a winner that I’ll be the first one in line if she decides to come out with a sequel.


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