Get in the Closet and Organize It

26 Aug

Closet organization is fabulous.

I’m positively obsessed with keeping my house clutter-free and spotless at all times (well almost all the time), but one area I’m kind of a slacker is the closet. Everytime I look through the closet and try to get rid of old clothes and shoes, I always second guess myself. “I haven’t worn this in a year, but maybe I’ll need it sometime.” Or “This looks terrible on me, but I’ve had it forever and I can’t bare to part with it.” Then I’m left to choose, do I want the satisfactory bliss of closet organization or to eventually be put on A&E’s Hoarders?

Thankfully I’m much more inclined to choose closet organization and force myself to part with old items, than actually allow the closet to get messy. I’ve managed to learn a few tips throughout the years that definitely help when trying to decide which items to get rid of and which are
worth keeping.

Closet Organization Tips:

  • If you’re unsure of an item that has been sitting in your closet, force yourself to wear it. If after wearing it for an entire day you still like it, then keep it. If you’re ready to go home and change by lunchtime, it’s time to get rid of it.
  • Organize the closet so you know what you have. If your clothes are all randomly thrown in your closet, with no order whatsoever, you’re not going to be able to see what you already have. Enact a method of closet organization such as diving items by color, material, sleeve length, etc; whatever makes sense to you.
  • Don’t outgrow the space you already have. If you’re recently finding that your dresser drawers are at capacity, and you can’t fit another item in your closet, it’s time to do some cleaning. Don’t solve this problem by purchasing another dresser or renting space in your roommate’s closet. Just get rid of some of the things that you already have, because chances are you don’t even know what you have.
  • Inspect items at the end of the season or at the beginning of a new one. We often don’t notice how worn items that we wear a lot really appear. For example, before you’re ready to wear last year’s fall boots, take them out of the closet and examine them. Are they in bad shape? Should you surrender and invest in a new pair before the season starts? It’s a lot easier to do this in the beginning of the season than after you’ve gotten back into the groove of wearing them daily and no longer notice that they’re old and grimy looking.
  • Give it the time test. If an entire season has past by and you haven’t worn an item, you probably don’t like it very much. Instead of letting it collect dust in the closet, sell it to a thrift store or donate to a local charity, because your old sweater is definitely someone else’s favorite new item.


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