Get a Taste of the Wahlberg Brothers’ Buns

30 Aug
Donnie and Mark Wahlberg, along with their older brother Paul recently announced that they will soon be opening a “Wahlbergers” restaurant, in Massachusetts’s Hingham Shipyard. No doubt, NKOTB fans will be lining up outside to finally get a taste of Donnie Wahlberg’s buns!

Although Donnie and Mark are the more well-known Wahlberg’s in the trio, Paul is the culinary mastermind of the brothers. Paul Wahlberg’s amazing culinary creations have made him celebrity chef in the Boston area. He will probably be the one responsible for creating the menu, and making sure things run smoothly on a daily basis.

Although an exact opening date an menu still has yet to be announced, but the site claims they will be offering a “Funky Lunch Meal.” The story also brings up a legit concern — what will happen to Mark and Donnie Wahlberg’s abs if they eat too many of their namesake burgers?

It would take more than a few "Wahlbergers" to take down Donnie Wahlberg's abs.

The brothers had to do some smooth talking (and probably dole out a decent amount of money) to get the “Walhbergers” name from Tom Wahl, the owner of the original “Wahlberger.” Wahl owns an eight-store burger chain in New York State, but was able to be convinced to give up the title to the three studly brothers. And really, how could he not say yes to allowing them to open this adorable namesake restaurant?!

“Wahlbergers” will be located across from the brother’s Italian restaurant, Alma Nove. Take note, the boys named the restaurant after their mom, Alma.  How cute! Read more in Eater’s “Walhberger’s Wire.”


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