Annoying Ways That People Break Cell Phone Etiquette

31 Aug

Follow proper cell phone etiquette when using your mobile.

Cell phones are fantastic. They make our lives so much easier that most of us have blocked out the dark ages when we used to have to share a landline with our entire family. Looking back that seems insane.  We were like cavemen.  The fabulousness of cell phones brings an added social responsibility that many people simply cannot handle. There’s a certain cell phone etiquette that one must follow when in possession of one of these devices. This is simple for most of us, but some people just don’t get it.

Examples of Bad Cell Phone Etiquette:

Mass Texting. When someone sends you a text message, you assume that they’re sending the message to you, not you and 15 other people. You know you’ve fallen victim at least once to a text from a friend saying “what’s going on tonight?” only to find out later that this person texted everyone in their phone, looking for the best response. It’s insulting to find out that you’ve been part of a phone book cattle call. Normal people don’t do this.

Walkie-Talkie Style. I still don’t understand this one. Why do people feel the need to walk around with their phones on speaker? You still have to hold your phone, so this does not free up your hands. No one else is with you, so you’re not making it easier for any willing parties to listen in. What is the point of it, besides causing noise pollution?!

Not Turning the Ringer Off. This happens to everyone sometimes, and the occasional slip up is not an issue. People who simply refuse to turn the ringer off at work, in movie theaters, during weddings, and at other inappropriate times to hear a cell phone blasting a “99 Problems But a B*tch A’int One” ringtone are a problem. It’s no wonder you’ve got no b*tch, with manners like that buddy.

In the Elevator. The average elevator ride takes less than a minute. That’s one minute of the day that you can’t talk on your cell phone. Really doesn’t seem that difficult, does it? Well apparently to many people it is. I find myself in the elevator with someone on the phone at least once a day and it’s just plain awkward. Regardless of how desperately you do not want to hear their conversation, you’re absolutely forced to listen. Perhaps are consciously aware that you have to listen and the like it, like some sort of weirdo ear exhibitionists?

Late Night. In college late night texting was cool, expected and a normal part of life. After you graduate college, it is no longer funny. Many people use their cell phones as alarm clocks and have to leave the ringer on all night. Therefore it is highly unappreciated to get a 2am drunk text on a Tuesday night from your jobless wonder of a friend. It’s even more unappreciated to get many drunken texts from said jobless wonder on a Tuesday night.


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