Don’t Be Afraid of Yoga Class

1 Sep

I wish my yoga class was held on the beach instead of a suburban gym.

Some of my friendstake yoga classes regularly, and I’ve always been intrigued by it. I even had really good intentions of taking a yoga class one time, four years ago, and then I got scared and stuffed the mat in my loset, where it remained until this week. I have less coordination than a lind, drunk cow. As a result, I boycott every type of group fitness maginable.

My gym offers free yoga classes, and I finally ran out of xcuses as to why I was unable to ever ttend one. I even took it so far as to creepily observe the class from my lliptical one week, to ensure that this was something I thought I could andle. And it didn’t look too difficult. So I dug that four year-old, yet unused yoga mat out of the closet, rounded up my friend Emily, and went to my first yoga class.

The first few minutes of class were fantastic. We sat cross-legged on our yoga mats and listened to some N’SYNC music. What’s not to love about that? Then it got progressively harder. Each yoga position apparently has a name. There’s child’s pose, down dog, up dog, crane, plank, and I believe even a lizard mixed in there. These words are the equivalent of Chinese to an uncoordinated individual who has proudly spent 27 years avoiding group fitness.

Despite not understanding anything our instructor said, I managed to figure out what to do by staring at my friend Emily, which I’m sure she greatly appreciated. Although some of the positions were uncomfortable, most were at least partially achievable. Much to my surprise the hour-long yoga class flew by in a flash. And I felt great afterwards. Until the next day when I was so sore that I was only partially mobile. On the bright side, that’s a sign that yoga class was a real workout. As a result, I have already decided to attend next week’s class, if for no other reason than to make everyone else in the room feel better about their own yoga skills.


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