Looking for Off-Broadway Shows? Try ”Channeling’ Kevin Spacey.”

7 Sep

Channeling Kevin Spacey is completely hilarious.

After reading the reviews of Channeling Kevin Spacey, I suspected it was going to be pretty funny. The synopsis is the main character, Charlie, finds himself with a job he hates, a girlfriend who hates him, and no friends. Charlie finally decides to become more assertive and take control of his life. The play chronicles Charlie during his completely hilarious transformation of becoming a 'real man.'

Both the writing and the acting for Channeling Kevin Spacey is fantastic, but the most amazing part is that there's only two actors in the entire show. Justin R.G. Holcomb, plays Charlie, and Jamil Chokachi, plays every single other character in the play. It seems somewhat impossible for two people to completely carry an entire play, but Holcomb and Chokachi do just that.

Everyone knows someone like Charlie. They live in a crappy apartment, are stuck in a loveless relationship, have a low-paying crappy job, and are just genuinely miserable. Holcomb completely nails the depressed, floundering Charlie. Although watching him squander is hilarious, you want to see him succeed in the end.

Chokachi is simply amazing. It's impossible to even keep track of how many characters this man played during the duration of this 80 minute play. One second he's a big manly executive, the next he's a sexy barista, and before you know it he's transformed himself into a guido barfly.

Holcomb and Chokachi put on such a great show that you don't even notice that they wear the same, matching outfits throughout the play. The props are minimal, but you don't even need them. This goes to show that fancy costumes and crazy, expensive props mean nothing when compared with truly great acting.

So if you're in New York City, make sure to check out Channeling Kevin Spacey, at St. Luke's Theater.

Read more about Channeling Kevin Spacey in The New York Times.


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