Experience Timeless Glamour at The Waldorf Astoria – New York

8 Sep

The Waldorf Astoria New York is one of the city's grandest hotels.

I was was recently lucky enough to be able to spend three nights at The Waldorf Astoria - New York City. Everything about this hotel is just as elegant and classy as I imagined, if not more. Walking into the hotel is like taking a step back in time to a much more glamorous era. Chandeliers hang everywhere, distinguished paintings adorn the walls, the furniture is plush, and the staff treats guests like royalty.

Check into the Waldorf Astoria-New York in this swank lobby.

Walking around the Waldorf Astoria - New York makes you feel like you're a character on the show Mad Men. This could  be due to the fact that episode six of the show's fourth season, "Waldorf Stories," was filmed at the hotel.

Our room at the Waldorf

Our room at the Waldorf was considerably large, for New York city hotel room standards. It was nice to be able to actually walk around the room, without having to crawl over the bed! The furniture was older, matching the classic style of the hotel, but in impeccable condition. The bathroom was also in great shape, with a spacious vanity, a beautiful marble bathtub/shower, and tissues that didn't feel like sandpaper. Everything was incredibly clean, making you forget that other people actually stayed in the room the night before.

The 'grand ballroom' at the Waldorf Astoria-New York.

We went exploring on our last morning at the hotel and came across the 'grand ballroom.' A wedding had been held there the night before. Ooh la la!

Another ballroom at the Waldorf.


Another fabulous lobby area in the Waldorf.


An Oscar de la Renta dress on display in the Waldorf lobby.

The Waldorf has countless designer dresses on display in the lobby, giving fashion lovers an up-close look at pieces by their favorite designers.


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