Combat Your Post-Vacation Blues

15 Sep

Who wants to go home to Pittsburgh when you've been on vacation in Laguna Beach, California?


If you don’t travel much, you probably think anyone who complains about being depressed after just coming home from vacation is an idiot. After all, if you’ve just been on a great vacation, what can you possibly be complaining about?! But as someone who travels somewhat often, I completely understand this sentiment.

I live in Pittsburgh, where most of the year the weather is cold, cloudy, and genuinely unpleasant. As a result, I take any chance I can get to escape from here and go somewhere, anywhere else. The excitement leading up to a vacation is fantastic, but it’s never any fun to come home.

Ideas to keep from becoming a cranky, miserable mess when your vacation is over:

  • Plan Another Vacation: The week before we went on our latest vacation, my boyfriend and I chose the dates and location of our next escape from Pittsburgh (if you live in Pittsburgh, you understand this necessity). Sure, this can be expensive, but it’s not like you actually have to book your travel plans right away. Most people (by that I mean myself) come home from vacation broke, and not in any position to immediately finance another trip. Simply figure out where you want to go and start watching prices for air fare and hotels. This act of planning will lift your spirits by reminding you that another vacation is on the horizon.
  • Buy Yourself a Gift: Whether you have a little money leftover from your vacation fun, or even if you have to wait until payday, buy yourself a little gift to lift your spirits. This gift doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive, just something small that makes you happy and puts a smile back on your face.
  • Make a Date with Friends: If you’ve been away on vacation, you definitely have some catching up to do with your friends. Before you even leave on your trip, schedule a lady date (or a man date) for a day or two after your return. Spending time with your friends is a sure way to lift your spirits and make you happy to be home again.
  • Show Your Vacation Pictures Off: Brag a little. Post your vacation pictures on Facebook. Email them to your mom and sister. Make your friends and family jealous by forcing them to look at pictures from your fantastic vacation. This will make you feel better, trust me.
  • Relax. If your vacations are anything like mine, they are fabulously exhausting. For some reason we genuinely enjoy running around like crazy people, seeing and doing everything the area has to offer. We typically get up early and go-go-go all day, until collapsing at the end of the day. Although I may not be happy to be home from vacation, I do take some joy in the fact that because there’s not much interesting to do at home, I can feel free to sit back and relax. This is probably not applicable to you if you’ve spent your entire vacation laying on a beach, but whatever, you can relax too.

Want to read more about the post vacation depression blues? Check out this survey on TripAdvisor.


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