Steer Clear of People That Shop at Walmart

16 Sep

No, it's not Halloween, it's just another day at Walmart.

The majority of people that shop at Walmart are scary. I fear them. As a result, I don’t remember the last time I set foot in my local Walmart. But as a result of trying to save some extra money for my upcoming vacation, I decided to give the Walmart grocery store another chance. I wanted to see if I would actually save money by purchasing the same items at Walmart that I would at my local grocery store. And oh boy, did I pay a hefty price for this little experiment.

The Top Three Reasons to Avoid the Wal-Mart Grocery Store:

  • It’s Not Cheaper. Sure, some things such as produce are cheaper than at my local grocery store, but I did not save money on my total bill. If you’re a proud fatty, than cheap Walmart groceries will probably fit your agenda, but otherwise you’re out of luck. At my local grocery store, I buy a lot of store brand items, and they taste the same as the name brand ones. I know this isn’t the case with most Walmart items though, so I was forced to buy store brand and really pay the pr$ce.
  • Predators. I watch a lot of Teen Mom, and I’ve always thought it was bizarre that some of the stars seem to shop at the store to pick up the ladies (and men). I mean really, who asks a stranger out on a date in the middle of Walmart?! Well, apparently I am prime Walmart meat, as after being in the store no longer than two minutes I was asked out on a date. And unfortunately, I’m not joking. A strange Indian man approached me in the produce section, introduced himself, declared that he was new to Pittsburgh, and asked me out for coffee. Bam. I assume this is how stupid people get kidnapped.
  • The People. Upon stepping into a Walmart, you might wonder if it’s Halloween. After all, why else would so many people be out in public (or anywhere) dressed like that?! But no, it’s just another September evening at the Walmart grocery store. I followed a woman out of the store who was wearing red spandex tights and a matching red spandex tank top. That’s it. And no, you guessed it; she did not have the body for this “sexy” outfit. And yes, dressing in this manner should be illegal. No one should have to look at this hot mess.

Click here to see pictures of the People of Walmart.


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