Transform Your Work Week By Having a Positive Attitude at Work

19 Sep

Having a positive attitude about your job will make you a happier person.

Today is Monday, and it’s no secret that you’re sitting at your desk wishing you were still in bed. Most people enjoy their days off more than the days they have to work, which is normal and actually probably a good thing. You should love your days off from work, but it’s also important to enjoy the days that you have to work too. The average person spends at least 40 hours per week at work. Therefore, if you don’t have a positive attitude at work, you’re going to be one cranky person.

By no means am I always captain pleasant at work. Far from it sometimes. But perhaps I should be, and so should everyone else. I take the bus into work everyday, which is bad enough on its own, but on top of that I get to hear all of my fellow commuter whining and moaning about their jobs. Being around this group of debbie downers everyday is a real buzzkill.

If you’re guilty of being a workday sad sack, follow these ideas to turn that frown upside down:

  • Everyday can’t be Friday. Unless you’ve got something really exciting on the calendar for next weekend, stop counting down ‘til Friday! Must you be reminded that today is only Monday? By wasting your energy channeling Friday all week long, you’re letting the other four days of the work week pass you by.
  • Dress for success. If you go to work dressed like a slob, you’re going to feel like a slob. So it’s time to trade that nasty old office lady sweater in for a cute new cardigan. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel about yourself when you look good. And your co-workers will also appreciate not having to look at you in that ratty old, grey cardigan.
  • Make weekdays fun. If you spend your weekdays wearing ugly office lady sweaters and baking casseroles, it’s no wonder that you hate them. Give your weekdays some spice by doing something fun! Sure, you might not have time to do anything extravagant, but it’s the little things that count. Take a bubble bath, spend half an hour watching your favorite tv show, make a dinner date with your friends, or whatever it is that makes you happy.
  • Get a new job. If you hate your job, you probably shouldn’t work there. You spend enough time each day at work that if you really hate your job you’re going to be really miserable, a whole lot of the time. Sure, it’s not always that easy to just quit your job. If this is something that you can do though, then get on it already! You’ll be surprised at how much your attitude about work (and about life in general) will change when you’ve
    got a job that you really enjoy.


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