The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Episode 3

20 Sep

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are always super glam.

Last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continued on where we left off last week, with the ladies at Camille’s Big Bear ski palace. Taylor drinks too much wine, talks to Kim & Kyle more about her rocky relationship with the late Russell Armstrong, then ends up sitting in Kyle’s suitcase. Everyone ends up babysitting Taylor, who in her drunken state freaks out and becomes ragingly angry when she temporarily mistakes her makeup bag. The rest of the ladies are super sweet to Taylor in her whacked out state, but her hysteria totally ruins the fun for everyone. Adrienne suspects that Taylor might be having a nervous breakdown.

While the girls are in Big Bear, Mauricio, Ken and Paul head out for a drink. It was noted that the late Russell was invited to join their man date, but declined.

Back at dinner in Big Bear all the focus is still on Taylor. When Kyle tries to get her to eat to sober her up, Taylor screams that she never eats. Adrienne hints at rumors around town that Russell treats Taylor badly. Taylor cries that she’s in love with the late Russell and wants their marriage to work. The ladies question her as to whether she’s in love with him or the idea of him. They reassure her that a divorce is not the end of the world, but sometimes the beginning of a fresh, new start.

Kyle and Mauricio got on a hot date to a Mexican restaurant. Kyle tells Mauricio all about their crazy Colorado adventure. She mentions that the one positive aspect that came out of the trip was that it helped to make her feel closer to Kim, after their big blowout on last year’s season finale. He is glad to hear this, but says he is still hurt by the rude things that Kim said about him in the blowout. Kyle also admits that she often gets stuck with the task of picking up doggie poo in her yard, left by her three pooches. Yet another reason why Kyle is fab!

Lisa and Ken visit the newly empty space next to their West Hollywood restaurant, Sur in hopes of buying it to expand. Giggy tags along too. Lisa tries to convince Ken to see her vision for the space, but he’s not an easy sell.

Adrienne, who with her family owns the Sacramento Kings, attempts to attend the team’s last game of the year. Apparently the fans aren’t too pleased with the Maloof family, since there’s a chance they’ll be moving the team out of the city. Paul talks with a someone associated with the team who advises them not to attend the game for safety concerns, and he agrees with this assessment, Adrienne does not. She’s ready to face the music from the angry fans, and annoyed at Paul when he insists that going to the game is a bad idea. Adrienne invites Kim to come to the game with her and Paul, but Kim doesn’t show up. When Adrienne calls to find out where she is, she sounds drunk.

Although we didn’t see a lot of Camille this episode, it’s definitely worth mentioning that the new Camille that we’re seeing in season 2 is still totally awesome!


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