First Date Tips – Don’t Blow It By Being Clueless

21 Sep

No matter how good first date conversation is, it should never be continued in bed.

First dates are awkward. Especially if you’ve never actually met the person face-to-face. The next couple of hours of your life could be wasted on some total freak, or you might meet your prince (or princess) charming. It’s a total gamble. But if it’s inevitable that one of you is going to be a total weirdo, it’s important to make sure that it’s your date, not you. Follow these first date tips to keep yourself in check throughout the evening.

  • Ask Questions. First date conversation should include a lot of basic questions. Afterall, if you’re interested in someone you should want to learn all you can about them. Come up with things to talk about ahead of time, that you can revert to if conversation hits a lull. Remember, you’re not going to impress your date if you talk about yourself the entire time. If you only want to talk about yourself, save yourself the hassle by staying home and having a cup of coffee with your mirror.
  • Stay Positive. Everyone complains about things that bother them on a daily basis, some of us more than others. Complain all you want to your co-workers, friends, and family, but not as part of first date conversation. This person doesn’t know you. They’re not your therapist. And if you tell long, weird stories how enraged you are that your sister’s boyfriend is rude to you, that your dirty roommate steals your underwear, or that your mean boss always makes you work late, you’re going to sound like the weirdo. No one wants to date an angry troll, so if you are angry troll try to disguise that on the first date.
  • Keep it Short. First dates are awkward, so there’s no reason prolong the awkwardness by having a marathon 8 hour-long date. Meet for coffee or a drink, and leave it at that. If you liked each other you’ll have plenty of time to hang out together on future dates.
  • No Ex Talk. There is never, ever a reason to bring your ex into first date conversation, unless you’re actually trying to encourage this new person to never go out with you again. No matter how interesting, important, or relevant you feel a story about your ex might be, it’s not.
  • Arrive Alone & Leave Alone. Don’t offer to pick someone a first date up from work, their house or anywhere else. And vice versa. You always need an emergency getaway plan on a first date. So if one of you turns out to be really weird, how are you going to escape if you’ve arrived together? It’s an equally bad idea to invite a first date back to your place. If you want to keep the date going, then keep it going in public. It’s your first date, there’s no need to get to know each other that well.


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