Cut It Out With the Facebook Page Changes

22 Sep

Facebook page changes are annoying.

Last weekend I logged into Facebook and made the horrifying discovery that the latest round of Facebook page changes had eliminated the automatic filters that I created for different "friend" lists. Like the rest of the world, I'm probably actually only in touch with about 2% of my Facebook "friends." While I don't mind gifting my Facebook friendship to people such as the guy in my 7th grade home room that I never spoke to, I don't want these weirdos to be able to see anything about me. So I created a few lists to categorize my "friends" and filter who can see status updates, wall posts, pictures, etc.

I'm really adamant about keeping that Facebook page of mine on lockdown, so I totally freaked out when during a routine "security check" I realized that the latest Facebook page changes had changed my settings. So this means that the weirdo from my 7th grade home room has read all of my status updates and postings since the latest Facebook page changes took place. Awesome. It's not that I'm saying anything bad or embarrassing on this public forum, it's just that I don't want people I don't know looking at my vacation pictures and reading status updates about my obsession with Donnie Walhberg's abs. Is that so much to ask?

Unless the point of this pop-up is to block status updates, it's kind of a pain since it's impossible to close the message out.

Facebook also sent out an email last week that they would no longer be emailing me to inform me of friend requests, invitation invites, messages, status comments, or much of anything else. Great. So there's another thing I have to do. Periodically check every category on Facebook to make sure I'm not missing any messages, invites, friend requests, or profile comments.

So anyone else thinking that a permanent move over to Google+ could be in their future?


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