Donnie Wahlberg Arrests Pimp in Blue Bloods Premiere

24 Sep

Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) finally came back our living rooms last night in the season two premiere of Blue Bloods. Last night’s episode was centered around the murder of a Reagan family friend’s husband, who was cheating on her with a Croation “lady-of-the-night.” Unfortunately Danny spent most of the episode in off-camera “court,” so we didn’t see get to see much of him. Donnie explained the reason for his absense on Twitter as he was still touring with NKOTBSB when this episode was filmed.

Blue Bloods started filming while Donnie was busy flashing his hot abs to arenas across the country on the NKOTBSB tour.

Thankfully we did get to see big bad Danny Reagan arrest a Croation pimp. Hot. Who wants to go do something naugthy so Donnie Wahlberg will put you in handcuffs? Or more like who wouldn’t want to be arrested by Donnie Wahlberg? Oh la la. Danny’s partner, Detective Jackie Curatola (Jennifer Esposito), actually does all the dirty work for this case, while looking super hot in her customary grey suit.

Meanwhile, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) hands his letter of resignation into new mayor, Carter Poole(David Ramsey), as apparently this is customary for the police commissioner to do. They have a little tension over the Croation pimp – Reagan family friend – Croation hooker scenario, but are friendly again by the end of the episode. Mayor Poole asks Frank to stay on as police commissioner, and after receiving the Reagan family blessing, he accepts.

Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) spends most of the episode consoling her newly widowed friend, and trying to protect her and her family from the press finding out that her husband died as a result of an affair with a Croation hooker.

Jaime Reagan (Will Estes) is sent on an undercover mission to bust bars serving underagers, and allowing drug dealers to peddle their products. He meets a druggie who swears he knows him, and throughout the mission happens to run into him enough to earn his trust and get an introduction to his dealer. Right before the big intro happens, druggie has a bad reaction to his potion, so Jamie takes him outside to call an ambulance. Frank letter tells Jaime that druggie is a member of a big mafia family. It’s hinted that they’ll be more to come with Jamie being put on assignment to bust this mafia family in future episodes…


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