Can a Relationship Be Based on Salad?

3 Oct

Can a healthy salad be the start of a budding romance?

Can a healthy salad lead to a healthy relationship? Just Salad, a healthy fast food restaurant chain with locations in New York City and Hong Kong, is trying to play cupid with its customers by betting that a person’s salad preferences are an indicator of their compatibility in a relationship.

The chain started a dating site, Salad Match, where users complete a questionnaire indicating their gender preference, their Just Salad location of choice, five favorite salad toppings, preferred dressing, and a section where   can describe their ideal “salad soul mate.” Budding lovebirds are obviously encouraged to meet for their first date at their preferred Just Salad location.

This isn’t the first time the healthy salad chain has been associated with budding romance. In 2006, New York Magazine nicknamed the original Park Avenue & 51st street location the “lettuce-based midtown meat market.”

Whether or not it sparks love with the health conscious residents of New York and Hong Kong is yet to be determined, but what it has provoked is a great deal of media attention for the company. The creators of Just Salad have found a really unique way to draw a different kind of notice to their healthy salad chain, one that typically isn’t associated with a restaurant.

So is this a brilliant idea for Just Salad customers to meet and mingle, or simply a genius marketing ploy? Either way the chain has a winning idea with Salad Match, because they’ve created a buzz that has people talking.

For more information on finding your “salad soul mate,” check out the press release from the company.


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