Let Celebrities Style You on Looksy

12 Oct


Look who's in my inbox!

I will be the first person to admit that I’m easily influenced by celebrities. Not in an ‘I want to be like Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan’ kind of way. My addictions are more in the form of reading Page Sixeach day, and following UsWeekly and People on Twitter. So of course if I found an item in a store that I saw a celebrity wearing, I would probably want to buy it.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s a sucker for a good celebrity marketing campaign, and I’m sure of this thanks to Looksy. This new bargain site peddles just one or two products each day, but the attire is hand-picked by a celebrity. Marketing is done by fashionistas such as Kyle Richards, Kendall Jenner and LeAnn Rimes. They pick out an accessory they like, then Looksy offers it up to their followers for a discounted price. So far I’ve only seen jewelry items on the site, which are all very reasonably priced, mainly between $20-$40 each. Hopefully some other cute items such as bags, scarves, and makeup will appear in the future.

My absolute favorite part of the Looksy concept is the genius way they send their emails. Instead of appearing as “Looksy” in your inbox, the name of the celebrity marketing a product that day is shown as the sender. So for example, the other day I checked my inbox only to find an email from Kyle Richards! If you love celebrities and fashion, then you must sign up for Loosky!


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