Bad Boys Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do When Donnie Wahlberg Comes For You?

14 Oct

Arrest me, Donnie Wahlberg.

On tonight’s Blue Bloods, a case Frank was involved in 18 years ago was brought back into the spotlight. He arrested a man for rape after the victim positively identified him, but after current technology was used for a DNA test, the man was cleared from the crime. Frank felt extreme guilt from the situation, and was there to meet the man when he was released from prison. He vowed to find the man who was actually guilty of the rape, and when he did, the actual rapist bared a strong resemblance to the one who was falsely accused As a result of the statute of limitation on the case, the real rapist could not be arrested. Frank assigned team members to watch him, then found him on the street himself and warned him that the entire NYPD had their eyes on him.

Danny and Jackie were put on the case of a shooting that killed two teenagers and injured one. Danny is convinced that it wasn’t random, and that these seemingly well-behaved kids were secretly into some shady business. After doing some digging, they discovered that the one victim was dating a gang member. What could be hotter than watching Donnie Wahlberg defend the honor of fallen teenagers? *sigh*

Jamie was hot on the case of a missing laptop. The laptop’s techie owner had all kinds of nerdo ways to help them track down his precious equipment, but when the finally found the perp, they also found his bookie records displayed on the laptop screen. Double bust for baby Reagan!

Preview for next week: According to @Donnie Wahlberg himself, Danny Reagan goes SHIRTLESS in next week’s episode. That’s right ladies, Donnie Wahlberg’s abs are coming to your living room next week! Program the dvr, invite your friends over, and mentally prepare your mind for the most beautiful sight you’ve ever laid eyes on!





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