Donnie Wahlberg’s Abs Guest Star on Blue Bloods

22 Oct

Donnie Wahlberg's abs made their debut appearance on Blue Bloods tonight.

On tonight’s episode of Blue Bloods Jamie began his undercover mission when the mob child he saved from death-by-overdose a few weeks ago invited him to a thank you dinner at his family’s restaurant. Young Reagan was given a different identity to go by, pretending to be part of the fast-moving mafia scene. He gets into a sticky situation when mob child drags him to his dealer’s place to “thank him” for the batch of cocaine that landed him in the hospital.

Danny and Linda win a romantic weekend together at a swank hotel. Linda is excited to rekindle their romance, but is disappointed when Danny spends most of the weekend working on a case. He cuts out of date night early, having to skip a show they have tickets for, leaving her to go with a friend instead. He returns to the hotel later in the evening and she’s waiting for him with “dessert.” Ooh la la! Network television was then blessed with the gift of Donnie Wahlberg’s abs! That’s right, Donnie Wahlberg graced the CBS airwaves wearing nothing but a towel! H-O-T!!

Frank and Grandpa Henry were on babysitting duty while Danny and Linda were on their romantic rendezvous. They had planned to take young Jack and Sean to see “The Book of Mormon,” but Henry misplaced the tickets. Instead, they took the boy Reagan’s out for dinner, fishing, a movie and manly advice.

Admittedly not the best quality pic, but hello Donnie Wahlberg's bare torso!


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