Practice Self-Control When You Buy Halloween Candy This Year

24 Oct

Buying the best Halloween candy isn't always the finest choice for your arse.

It’s nearing the end of October and that means only one important thing — Halloween is almost here! Who doesn’t love having an excuse to get dressed up as a naughty bunny, a Jersey Shore character, a giant creeper, a glammed up fairy, or whatever else you can dream up, and parading around in public? Exactly! Along with the fun of costumes, this holiday comes with the risk of being a giant fat bomb, but only if you allow it to be. Strategize wisely when you buy Halloween candy, and consider opting for healthy Halloween snacks at parties to keep yourself from being mistaken for ‘The Blob.’

Follow these tips to control yourself around even the best Halloween candy and snacks:

  1. Don’t buy Halloween candy until the last minute. Even if you vow to save these Halloween snacks for kids that come to your house trick-or-treating, it’s unlikely that you’re not going to bust into it beforehand. If it’s not there, you can’t eat it.
  2. Bring leftovers into work, immediately. You bought the best Halloween candy for the kids in your neighborhood, but you didn’t get the turn out you were expecting, and now you have extras. Halloween is the first holiday in the season of eating; do you really want to waste calories shoving mini Snickers bars in your face? Pace yourself there piggy. Haul that leftover candy into work immediately and it will be gone before 10am. Office people will eat anything.
  3. Bring healthy Halloween snacks to the party. Halloween parties are fun, but what isn’t entertaining is battling a food hangover the next day. Combat this problem by bringing healthy Halloween snacks, instead of fat bombs like cup cakes, cookies, and candy to the party. Veggie trays, low-fat dips, hummus, baked chips and even low-fat baked goods are great healthy ideas. Go ahead and let people make fun of you for your healthy Halloween snacks; you can laugh at them when they can’t fit into their pants.
  4. Buy Halloween candy that you don’t like. If you love peanut M&M’s more than life itself, it is risky business to buy 10 bags of them to hand out to trick-or-treaters. There are hundreds of types of candy that the little vulchers will love just as much, so opt for one of them instead. Choose your battles with yourself.
  5. Indulge, but only a little bit. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when you completely deprive yourself of something, you end up wanting it more. So when you buy Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood, go ahead and let yourself have a piece or two. Eating a tiny bit of Halloween candy will satisfy your inner fatty, instead of making it seem forbidden, naughty and way attractive. Just remember to keep yourself under control, and stop after a couple of pieces.



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