Tips to Protect Yourself From Germs in Public Places

27 Oct

It’s no secret that public places can be really gross, but unless you take your fear of germs and go underground, you’re going to have to face it. Besides making sure to always be armed with a bottle of hand sanitizer, there are many ways to cut down on your exposure to grody germs that can make you sick.

Read on to learn a few tips to keep germs from jumping all over your lovely self:

  • Public Transportation: If you take public transportation, you know that it’s a breeding ground of all things disgusting. Avoid touching anything if possible, but if you simply must hold onto the handrail, or if another “accidentally bumps into you (eww eww eww!), bust out the hand sanitizer immediately! This will suffice momentarily, but get yourself to the nearest sink for a full hand wash to get rid of those germs as quickly as possible. Remember someone probably licked that surface before you touched it…
  • Public Restrooms: Public restrooms are a fact of life, one that no one really likes. Do your best to rid yourself of germs after using one of these by turning the faucet on and off with a paper towel. Avoid unrolling the paper towel roll after washing your hands too. If the public has touched these surfaces before washing their hands, do you really want to go anywhere near that?! For an added touch, grab a paper towel to shield you hand when opening the door.
  • Office Kitchens: An office kitchen can be one of the dirtiest public places, even though you might not necessarily suspect it. Protect yourself from germs by never letting your food touch any common surfaces. Wash any dishes yourself before using them, even if they’re supposedly clean, just so you can be sure you’re not drinking coffee with a splash of Bob from Accounting’s backwash in it.
  • The Bottom of Your Handbag or Briefcase: Think about it, you keep your bag under your desk at work. You stow it under the table at restaurants. Some people even sit theirs down in the aisle on the bus. The bottom of your bag carries the disgusting equivalent of the bottom of your shoe. Many people go on to take these germ-infested bags home, and schlep them up on the kitchen counter, the dining room table, the couch, or their bed. Nasty, nasty!
  • Your Kitchen Sink: When you come home, you think you’re doing a good thing by heading straight to the kitchen sink to wash those germs off. The only problem with this is that you also wash food and dishes in that same sink. Sometimes you probably even wash your hands over that food and those dishes, right? So yes, you’re getting those germs off your hands, but you’re coating your kitchen sink with them, so eventually you’ll eat them. Literally. Sick! Solve this problem by walking a few extra steps to the bathroom and washing your hands in there.
  • Elevator Buttons: Anyone who wants to go up or down in a building has to press the elevator button. If you’re into holding hands with the entire building, then this is not an issue for you. However, if you’re a normal person you probably don’t enjoy pushing those germy buttons. Instead of using the tips of your fingers, bend them up and press with your knuckles. This will keep you from rubbing the germs all over yourself with your fingertips. Then promptly bust out the hand sanitizer.
  • Hotel Rooms: A hotel room can be occupied by 365 different people per year, though this isn’t something anyone likes to think about. Guard yourself from other people’s grossness by swiping the remote control and the door handles with a Lysol wipe. Just remember, other people are disgusting.
  • Airplanes: Airplanes are fabulous in that you can travel from one side of the country to another in a matter of hours, but what isn’t so fantastic is being stuck in a flying tunnel for hours with a bunch of germ bags. When someone coughs three rows behind you, be prepared because that air is headed your way. Try to touch as little as possible when in your seat. Instead of reading the captivating airline magazine, bring your own. Swipe a lysol wipe over the tray on the back of the seat before using it, because who knows where the person who sat there before had been.


2 Responses to “Tips to Protect Yourself From Germs in Public Places”

  1. DermPure July 24, 2013 at 6:25 am #

    Awesome blog you have here but I was curious about if you knew of any discussion boards that cover the same topics discussed
    here? I’d really love to be a part of community where I can get feedback from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks a lot!

    • thejerp July 24, 2013 at 8:26 am #

      Thanks for checking out The Jerp! I’m not sure about any other similar blogs, but I’m sure they’re probably out there.

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