Figure Out Why You’re Not Losing Weight

2 Nov

If you’ve been eating healthy and going to the gym more often, yet not losing weight, you’re probably getting pretty frustrated. You step on the scale expecting to see the number drop since the last time you weighed yourself, only to find that you’re actually gaining weight. Instead of getting frustrated that you’re gaining weight, make it your mission to figure out why you’re not losing weight.

Stop wondering "why am I not losing weight" and figure out what the problem is.

3 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

  • You’re eating more than you think. I thought I was doing a really great job of eating healthy until I tracked everything I ate for a day on the Daily Burn. It’s not that my diet was necessarily unhealthy, but I was eating more throughout the day than I realized. And I needed to cut back on the carbs big time. Now I try to enter everything that I eat into the Daily Burn once every week or two, just to make sure that I haven’t accidentally fallen off the eating healthy bandwagon.
  • You’re not eating healthy on the weekends.
    Personally, eating healthy Monday through Thursday is easy for me. I usually bring my lunch to work, and eat dinner at home, so it’s easy for me to control what I’m eating. The weekends are another story. I’m usually going out to eat every night, having a couple of glasses of wine, and eating randomly throughout the day, and then I wonder why I am not losing weight… Instead of using the weekend as an excuse to take a break from eating healthy, try oinking up with just one fatty item per day. That way you’re not depriving yourself, but you’re probably not going to ruin all of the hard work you did by eating healthy during the week.
  • You’re slacking in your workouts. When you do something that you really enjoy over and over again, it becomes less stimulating each time you do it. You have to switch it up in order to keep it enjoyable. The same thing works for your body with exercise. Sure, a workout becomes easier each time you do it, but it’s also less of a challenge for your body. Therefore you must add variations into your workouts at least once every four to six weeks, to keep your body challenged into burning an optimal amount of calories. Personally, I’m not very athletic, so when I find something at the gym that I’m good at, I like to stay with it. I didn’t realize until recently that I’m not helping myself by doing that. Unless you’re working up a good sweat, you’re probably not exercising hard enough.


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