Combat the Common Cold

7 Nov

No likes having a head cold, or a case of the flu, but many people consider it as much of a part of winter weather as snow. Although you can’t avoid the cold weather unless you escape to a tropical area, you can take preventive measures to decrease your chances of catching a common cold.

Tips to Avoid Coming Down with Cold and Flu Symptoms:

Constantly wash your hands. The best way to keep yourself from getting other people’s germs is to get into the practice of washing your hands after you shake hands with anyone, or touch any common surfaces or objects. For example, you got into your office by opening the front door. So did George from Accounting, who has a head cold and sneezed on his hand right before he touched the door. Eww!

Don’t use office dishes. Perhaps you find it more convenient to drink out of a coffee cup from the office kitchen cabinet, instead of one your brought in from home. While this might make it easier for you to get your coffee, it’s also making it easier for you to get the cold and flu that’s being passed around the office. Sure, maybe those germs are killed in the dishwasher each night, but who do you know the one you’re drinking out of was recently put through the dishwasher, or was ever there in the first place?

Exercise. Not only do frequent trips to the gym help to keep extra weight off, they also help to keep cold symptoms away. People who exercise five or more times per week are 46% less likely to catch a common cold than those who are barely or not at all active, and when they do get sick, they are typically out of commission for a shorter period of time, according to a story in USA Today. If you don’t believe me, read it yourself.

Follow a healthy diet. You already know that eating junk food will make you fat, but it can also make you sick. People who do not follow a healthy diet are much more likely to get sick than those who eat healthy. A healthy diet boosts your immune system, making it easier to stave off cold and flu symptoms. Check out this story on, to learn how to stay healthy by eating the best cold and flu fighting foods.

Sanitize. Everyone around you has colds, so you assume it’s inevitable that you’re next. Well it doesn’t have to be that way. If your co-workers are sick, Lysol your cube everyday to kill their grody germs. You probably don’t have a sink siting next to your desk, so whip out the hand sanitizer everytime you lay a hand on anything other people have touched. Even better, encourage those who are under-the-weather to recuperate at home… If someone in your family is out of commission with cold and flu symptoms, sanitize common areas everyday to keep yourself from getting sick. Wipe down doorknobs, light switches, the remote control, and anything else you can think of that might be fostering germs. If you have a dishwasher, use this to clean all dishes, as it will sanitize them better than you can by hand.


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