Cheap Healthy Food Where Are You?

9 Nov

Eating healthy on a budget isn't easy in the produce section.

My weekly trips to the grocery store are always filled with inner conflict – I’m really cheap, but I also like to eat super healthy. If you’ve tried eating healthy on a budget, you know it isn’t easy. Sure, there are things you can do to save money here and there, but a grocery cart filled with healthy food is always going to cost more than one stocked up with fat-tastic items. The lack of healthy cheap food makes me wonder if the universe is trying to punish us for not wanting to be the size of the grocery store?

Lately I’ve begun to finally accept the fact that although eating healthy on a budget is possible, perhaps it isn’t going to happen according to my standards of cheap. I’ve been saving for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas for a couple of months now. I decided that one way to cut costs, would be to decrease my grocery budget to $40. That’s $40 for seven breakfasts, seven lunches, four to five dinners per week, and of course snack food. Anyone want to guess how long this genius plan lasted? If you guessed that I was unable to find cheap, healthy food that met this budget criteria, you are correct. Shocker huh?

I recently read a story about eating healthy on a budget and not feeling guitly about spending extra money on food that’s actually good for you. The author made some good points that even my cheap arse had to agree with. One of the greatest ways you can invest in yourself is eating healthy. Sure, you might have to spend a couple of extra dollars to buy a low-fat product, or fresh produce, but you’re doing this for your own good. Eating healthy will help you to stay healthy, and can you really put a price on that? I say no.

Check out this story in the Huffington Post about eating healthy on a budget.


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