Do You Follow Proper Gym Locker Room Etiquette?

13 Nov

If you’re a regular at the gym, there’s a good chance you’ve had some awkward encounters in the locker room. For reasons unknown to me, many people seem to have a hard time differentiating the gym locker room from their bathroom at home. Either that or they just have no sense of shame. Or they’re a big pervert. Regardless, it’s weird, uncomfortable, and annoying for everyone else in the presence of the offender,

Avoid these gym locker room behaviors, or people will think you’re a giant weirdo:

  • Nudity: This is a gym locker room, not a strip club, no one wants to see you naked. Many people take showers at the gym, but yet only a select few feel the need to run around the locker room in the nude. Men, you can put your women’s locker room fantasies away, because I have never seen a young, hot girl parading around naked in the locker room. Usually these select few are older and/or impressively obese. The grand finally of their nude show almost always ends in big, white granny panties. There’s nothing more repulsive than walking in the locker room and coming face-to-arse with someone who is not wearing underpants, or of course any pants at all.
  • Personal Space: There are tons of gym lockers at my gym, but for some reason when I’m done working out, someone is always standing next to my locker. This is not a problem for me, because I’d like to think I’m pretty good at understanding the boundaries of personal space. I simply get my things out of my locker and go somewhere else to get changed. Common sense, you’d think. Of course some people just don’t get it. If you’re getting dressed right next to “their” locker, no worries, they’ll just saddle up and get dressed thisclosetoyou. Eww, can we say woman pervert? This is a locker room, not a petting zoo.
  • Locking Your Locker: Gym locker rooms do not come equipped with security guards. No one stands and watches your locker while you’re working out. Therefore it’s you need to bring a lock with you and lock those gym lockers up while you’re working out. If your fitness center doesn’t offer assigned gym lockers (and most don’t), it’s also annoying to others when you fail to lock up your belongings, because they have to open approximately 15 lockers in order to find a free one. This seems to be my nightly routine at the gym, and it really never gets less annoying.

For more gym etiquette rules, check out this post on HealthSPORT blog.


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