Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes To Keep You From Turning Into an Over-Stuffed Turkey

17 Nov

One week from today is Thanksgiving Day! Whether you’re hosting a big family dinner or simply making a few dishes to take to a friend or relative’s house, it’s time to start planning your Thanksgiving menus. Just because Thanksgiving is notorious for being the biggest fat fest of the year, doesn’t mean you have to give up eating healthy entirely. There are many healthy Thanksgiving recipes that taste just as good as their fatty counterparts, but are not nearly as offensive to your waistline. 

The key to eating healthy on Thanksgiving is finding ingredients that are lower in fat and calories to substitute for some of those that are detrimental to the size of your arse. Many healthy Thanksgiving recipes substitute ingredients such as plain yogurt, egg whites, and skim milk for fat bombs such as mayonnaise, heavy cream, and oil. The Mayo Clinic has a great listof healthy substitutes you can use when putting together your Thanksgiving menus. 

Give These Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes a Try: 

  • Cut 69% fat and 36% calories by making “Healthified Stuffing,” by EatBetterAmerica. My family didn’t know they were eating healthy when I made this recipe for Thanksgiving dinner a couple of years ago, because it was so good! I made sure to brag about my healthy creation after dinner of course. 
  • Make mashed potatoes with 81% less fat with this “Healthified Mashed Potatoes,” recipe by EatBetterAmerica. Not only did I include this in my healthy Thanksgiving recipes last year, but I also had my wisdom teeth out a week before turkey day, so I actually ate them for an entire week before as well. And no, I didn’t gain any weight. Note to chef: Mash those potatoes well. I can be kind of lazy in the kitchen and failed to do a great job at this. Apparently people don’t like lumpy mashed potatoes. 
  •  It’s time to finally admit that no one actually likes green bean casserole, instead make delicious Roasted Parmesan Green Beans, by Gina’s Skinny Recipes. You’ll know you’re eating healthy because you’ll actually be able to see the vegetables.
  • Eating healthy never tasted as good as Makeover Spinach Gratin, by Gina’s Skinny Recipes! Don’t forget to include this on your Thanksgiving menus, as Gina’s amazing recipes never disappoint.
  • Everyone knows the best part about pumpkin pie is the filling, which is so good that you don’t even need the fatty crust. Get rid of it all together by making Pumpkin Mousse, by Pumpkin pie has an average of 14 grams of fat per serving, compared with a mere 5 grams of fat per serving in this pumpkin mousse. I made it last year, and trust me, it’s oh so good!

Need more recipe ideas? Check out this healthy living blog, Eating Bird Food.


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