Healthy Thanksgiving Activities

23 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Tomorrow is undeniably the biggest eating day of the year. You’re expected to eat and eat until you can eat no more, then go back for more. And you should, as to do any other would be simply un-American. What you don’t have to do though is go into the big feast unprepared. Just because you’re going to eat like a ravenous hog, doesn’t mean you have to let it show. Instead, add a little cardio into your day to burn off some of those extra calories, and give to you enough energy to clean up all of those dirty dishes.

Don’t Be a Plump Turkey – Healthy Thanksgiving Activities:

  • Run a Race: Lots of towns have a Thanksgiving 5k, a.k.a. a “Turkey Trot.” Sign up for this and get 3.5 miles of exercise in first thing in the morning. You’ll feel a lot better about taking 2nds (or maybe more like 3rds) of mashed potatoes if you know you’ve already got a good workout in.
  • Football Game: Instead of watching football on television, get off the couch and start a game yourself! Round up your family and friends, choose teams, and play a fun game of football. This a great way to burn off some extra calories, and to add some excitement into the day.
  • Take a Hike: Instead of laying down on the couch and nursing your food hangover, gather your family together and go for a nice long walk. Burn those calories off instead of letting them take residence on your arse. Plus, it’ll be a great to reason to escape from your crazy family members (don’t invite the weird ones).
  • Visit the Gym: Most gyms are open during the morning hours of Thanksgiving, so get up and get a good workout in before the food festivities begin. Push yourself to have an extra productive gym session and your marathon eating will feel justified.


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