Give Your Hotel Room an Antibacterial Wipe Down

28 Nov

Our hotel room at the Mirage Las Vegas was spotless, but I was still on mission to take down those hidden germs.

I’ve always thought that people who “cleaned” their own hotel room before settling in were complete freaks. I mean, why clean what housekeeping has already done? But then I grew up and became a bit of a germaphobe. Now I’m that complete freak. But really, if you think about it, there’s some areas that the cleaning staff probably didn’t touch. Sure, they changed the sheets, cleaned the shower, and vaccuumed the floor, but they simply cannot clean every inch of the room.

I thought about this before a recent trip to Vegas, and bought a $3 container of antibacterial wipes to bring with me. Despite my boyfriend giving me crazy looks and heckling me for my insane behavior, I still stand by my efforts. It only takes two minutes, and it may have helped us to stay healthy during our vacation.

Clean these objects with your disinfectant wipes:

Remote Control: You don’t know where that remote has been. For all you know the previous guest picked his nose and then touched it. Eww! Give it a good wipe down before laying your own paws on it.

Toilet Handle: You wouldn’t touch a public toilet handle with your hand, but you probably wouldn’t think twice about touching a hotel room toilet with one. Cleaning a toilet handle isn’t really something I can imagine the housekeeping staff doing. If you don’t rub your antibacterial wipe over that handle, you’re basically touching the a*s of the previous guest. Yum.

Bathroom Sink Knobs: The story of the toilet handle also applies to the bathroom sink handles. This isn’t somewhere that’s likely a high priority for the staff to clean, as the germs clinging to them are invisible. Swipe a disinfectant wipe over these handles so your hands actually stay clean when you wash them.

Light Switches: No one is cleaning the light switches. This probably isn’t even something you think about at home. It’s weird, yes, but think about it for a second. You turn those things on and off a lot, and so did the previous guests. Disinfect them or you’re basically holding hands with the previous guest. Hands that you don’t know where they’ve been…

Front Door Handles: You touch the front door handles everytime you go in and out of the room. Everyone coming in and out of the room touches those handles. Then you probably touch your face, your hair, your food, etc. Everyone else coming in and out of the room did the same thing. Enjoy inadvertently touching the face of the previous guest, the housekeeping staff, and the dumbo guest down the hall that mistakenly thought your room was his, if you don’t clean those door handles off.


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