Avoid Mindless Eating in the Office This Holiday Season

30 Nov

Thanksgiving is over, and now it’s officially the holiday season! Along with all the fun of decorating the tree, gift shopping, watching Christmas movies, and spending time with family and friends, comes a lot of mindless eating. Especially in the office.

Every good office lady on the planet is preparing to put on her Christmas sweater and elastic-waist pants for the holiday season, and start baking. She can’t wait to march her 12-dozen trays of Christmas cookies into the office and terrorize you with them. And you wonder why you gain weight at this time of year?

Yes, it's pretty, but eating too many Christmas cookies this holiday season will cause you to pack on the pounds.

It’s important to have a game plan to resist temptation (at least most of it) and control your mindless eating at work. Sure the cookies, brownies and fruit cake made by each office lady in your department are sitting in the break room, but keep yourself in check. Have one if you must, then stop. Is it worth not being mistaken for Santa Claus by Christmas Eve?

Bring your own healthy snacks to work to keep you from caving into the office lady baked good parade the second you get hungry. Stock your desk with chocolate rice cakes, 100 calorie packs of cookies, granola bars, and anything else that won’t sidetrack you from eating healthy. Chew gum when you head into the break room to keep you from fisting those Christmas cookies and stuffing them into your mouth. And when office lady, Peggy, stops into your cube with a plate of her famous fruit cake, tell her you’re going to take it home and share it with your family, because it’s so good. Then give it to the homeless guy that lives outside your building. Everyone wins!

Need motivation to avoid those office Christmas cookies? Check out this blog.


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