Don’t Let the Effects of Stress Get You Down

2 Dec

Healthy living includes more than just exercising and following a balanced diet. Coping with stress and learning how to relax are important ingredients in behaving like a normal person, and not a mentally-off psychopath. Of course, with the holidays and everything going on during this time of year, everyone is experiencing the effects of stress and perhaps behaving a bit erratically. Maybe you were rushing around the house this morning and accidentally went to work bra-less, or perhaps you introduced your date by the wrong name at the office Christmas party, or if you’re me you may have driven into a concrete wall in your neighborhood… Whatever.

Regardless of whatever dumb-arsed thing you’ve done today, it’s important to be able to look at it from the bright side, and then just mock yourself mercilessly about it. Before anyone else can. For example, I really did accidentally drive my car into a concrete wall today. There’s no defending that one, I’m kind of an idiot. I didn’t really think it was funny until about an hour after my car accident with myself, but then I mean c’mon, I managed to drive into a concrete wall while going 2 miles per hour in my own neighborhood! No one was hurt (excluding my car, my bank account, and the wall) and I didn’t have any pride to begin with, so there’s really nothing left to do besides take this for what it is, a really funny story.

Apparently my Mazda doesn't double as a bulldozer.

So next time you’re coping with stress, or you’ve just done something really stupid, do your best to laugh it off. Don’t let the effects of stress get you down, instead get back up and slap it the face!


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