Christmas Gifts for Fitness Fanatics

4 Dec

Buying Christmas gifts for a super health conscious person isn’t always the easiest task, so I hear. As a person who does her best to practice healthy living habits, I hate it when people give me cookies, chocolate and anything else that has the potential to turn me into the size of an inflatable Santa Claus. So if you’re one of those people who has trouble buying gifts for a physical fitness freak, you’re in luck. Here’s a list of some great gifts for the fitness fanatics on your Christmas list (or those you’re trying to introduce to healthy living habits).

1.) Yoga Mat:  Yoga is one of the best fitness activities for both the mind and body. Gift your fitness fanatic with a brand new yoga mat to replace her old shabby one, or use this as an opportunity to encourage healthy living habits in another loved one who hasn’t embarked on the yoga train yet.

2.) Tech4o Accelerator Pulse: This nifty little gadget is a must have for anyone interested in outdoor physical fitness. Your healthy little loved one can strap the Tech4o Accelerator Pulse onto his wrist before a run, to measure his speed, distance, calories, steps and heart rate.



3.) Dumbbells: These make great gifts because they can be taken anywhere for a quick workout. Dumbbells can be used at home, in the office, or even taken on trips for a quick hotel room workout.

4.) Heart Rate Monitor: Knowing your heart rate is really helpful in having a great workout. Gift your health fanatic with a heart rate monitor to help her get an even better handle on her physical fitness.

5.) Personal Blender: Any good fitness freak knows that drinking protein shakes and fruit smoothies are a great way to practice healthy living. Give the gift of a personal blender, so he can make single serving shakes before or after a trip to the gym.

6.) Kettlebells: Everyone who knows anything about fitness knows that you have to keep switching up your workouts to make them effective. That’s where kettlebells come in. They help to build strength and edurance, increasing overall physical fitness.

7.) Water Bobble: Nothing promotes healthy living better than drinking water, especially filtered water. Water Bobbles are Christmas gifts that keep on giving throughout the entire year, as they have a built-in water filter that will clean all the toxins out of the water so it is super healthy to drink.

8.) P90X Workout Videos: Everyone who knows anything about exercise knows that Tony Horton’s P90X dvds are some of the best fitness routines out there. These extreme workouts promise favorable results, when done properly. This just might be one of the best Christmas gifts your fitness freak gets!

9.) Balance Ball Chair: Most people spend a good 40 hours per week sitting in a desk chair, so why not turn that time into a mini workout? Make your health fanatic’s dreams come true by finding her a way to exercise at work, by giving her a balance ball chair. She can practice living healthy by tightening her core, strengthening her back muscles and improving her posture, while earning the big bucks at work.

10.) Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock: Just because a person gets up at 4:30am to go to the gym doesn’t mean it’s easy. It takes a certain amount of dedication to pull yourself out of bed before the rooster has started crowing. One of the greatest Christmas gifts you can get your fitness forward friend is a little extra encouragement to get out of his nice warm bed, and onto the treadmill. The Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock will jump off his nightstand and roll around the room, so he has no choice but to get up and at ’em.


2 Responses to “Christmas Gifts for Fitness Fanatics”

  1. Rob Schultz January 2, 2012 at 11:00 am #

    Did Santa bring you any of the aforementioned items?

  2. thejerp January 2, 2012 at 9:27 pm #

    I wish! Just the opposite, Santa mocked me and brought me chocolate. Haha.

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